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    We share your passion for filmmaking. That’s why we want to share our resources with you. Useful, original film industry related content for filmmakers. Enjoy!


    Platform for sharing filmmaking resources in the making – We’re not there yet, but well on our way…

  • Question of the month

    EPK – What is it good for in 2015?

    We love to ask filmmakers about stuff and draw up some funky stats. This time, we’re enquiring about Electronic Press Kit. (Poll closed)

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  • What We Believe

    1. Collaboration and generosity over industry trade secrets.

    2. Always strive for excellence, regardless of budget. There is no amateur league.

    3. It’s pointless for everyone to own the same gear. Hire, lend and borrow.

    4. There can never be too much coffee.

  • Free production documents for film

    FREE Film Production Paperwork

    Download free production templates for film – talent release form, location release form, crowdfunding planning template, shot list and advanced shot list templates, call sheet template, continuity and sound report…

  • FREE Art Department Resources for film

    FREE Art Department Resources

    Are you shooting on a scene that calls for branded products as props? The easiest way to avoid chain-of-title issues is to use fake brands, labels and packaging. To help you out, we’ve been designing imaginary brands / packaging with NO COPYRIGHT ISSUES. Just download, print and use!

  • EPK - Electronic Press Kit - How to create one

    Electronic Press Kit

    EPK is much more than just a press kit. What it is depends on the phase of your film production phase – it is for press, distributors AND your community. Read how to Create a killer EPK for Your Film.

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