What’s Your Color Score? The Farnsworth Munsell FM100 hue test

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    The FM100 hue test

    The Farnsworth Munsell hue test is a great test for color vision and is used in many industries.

    You can buy one from color companies for about $600-800 or you can take it online for FREE! So is color correction your calling? Calibrate your monitor and follow one of these links…

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  • Take a test @ Colblindor.com

    Colblindor.com site offers information about color blindness. Colorblindor FM100 hue test also helps you understand your results and shows how you rank against others. Colorblindor.com offers several other cool tests so the site is worth visiting. But beware – the test is in Flash format.


  • Take a test @ Colormunki.com

    Colormunki.com offers a simple HTML version of the test. There is no interpretation or comparison groups included with this test.


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