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  • 40yearoldvirgin

    I don’t know what they’ve done to Steve Carrell to make him absolutely radiate sexlessness.
  • coldsouls

    “We want this poster to say ‘mindbending’ but also that Paul Giamatti’s in it”
  • hardcandy

    There’s nothing more terrifying than teens in hoodies. No seriously, this one is stunning.
  • donniedarko

    This film and its poster were made, so you’d never again think of rabbits as cute and cuddly.
  • jaws

    The poster pretty much summarizes the plot, but considering the plot that’s quite excusable.
  • lolita

    Perfect on the wall of a bachelor pad to say that the occupant is a film buff but also an alpha male.
  • moon

    If you stare at it for 60 seconds, it starts spinning!
  • casinoroyale

    A woman’s crotch hanging over concerned faces – a winning combo!
  • beautyisembarrassing

    I haven’t seen this film, but I assume it features many ugly people. I am fascinated.
  • panslabyrinth

    What is it with the fantasy genre and those vaginal shapes?
  • machinist

    I want to say “murder”, but considering the way Bale looks in this film, maybe it’s “bonier”.
  • metropolis

    This was on Ted’s wall in How I Met Your Mother. That tells us it’s cool, but also a bit douchy.
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