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    Writing a Movie Press Release

    Get your production featured in the media. Learn the secrets of writing and sending an effective press release.

  • Fake Search Engine for Film / TV

    Fake Search Engine for Film / TV

    Are you working on a scene where a character ‘googles’ something? Avoid legal issues with this fake search engine!

  • Indie Drama Movie Poster Tutorial

    Indie Poster Tutorial

    Indie drama film posters come with soft tones, strong filters and elegant fonts. PSD template available for subscribers!


  • Filmsourcing Advanced Shot List

    Advanced Shot List

    More versatile than our basic Camera Shot List, Advanced Shot List is available in both PDF and Google Sheet formats.

  • FREE Fake Brands for Film / TV

    FREE Fake Brands for Film

    Avoid chain-of-title issues with our imaginary brands. Just download, print and cover your ass beer bottle :)

  • EPK Tutorial and Templates

    EPK Tutorial and Templates

    A good Electronic Press Kit is essential with crowdfunding, festivals and distributors. Download a FREE sample.