A/B Testing Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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    Learn how with just 5 people you can find the core communication problems in your crowdfunding campaign. This article is for you if you are:

    • You have a draft of your campaing ready
    • You want to know if you campaign has enough “stickiness factor
    • You want to know if the communicates its goals clearly
    • You want to know how clear your campaign “call to actions” are

    A/B Testing a Crowdfunding Campaign (the simple way)

    Testing different designs and collaborating with your team to build an effective and high coverting crowdfunding campaign is a challenge. The goal for this article is to a) show you how to use a template to collaborate with your team when designing your campaign and b) and how to run a simple 5 people interview test before you launch your campaign.

    What is A/B testing and How Does It Work?

    Normally an A/B test is a controlled experiment that splits your traffic between a control and a variation (or multiple). Since this is just a simple qualitative test, you can do this as simply as creating a few different versions of your campaign page, printing them out and interviewing people which of the versions would be the most effective.

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    Testing Template


    How to test your campaign with just 5 people

    Here is a great video explaining how with just 5 testers you can find the core communication problems in your crowdfunding campaign.

    • 4 Step Testing Process

      1. Master your call-to-actions

      What are the others doing, what are their goals? What kind of call to actions they use, what perks do they have and how are they marketing them?

      Make sure you understand the goals of your campaign. What is the importance of actions you want people to take; giving money, joining your community, following your social media channels, sharing your campaing… Your campaign is not just the money you raise. Growing your community and raising awareness about your film are equally important goals.

      After deciding your goals, decide on how you are going to measure these goals; Perks sold, Newsletter subscriptions, Website visits, Facebook followers etc.

      2. Prioritize

      Don’t try to get answer to all the possible questions. Rank the most important elements you want to test and focus on collecting as much information about those as possible. Try to imagine what feeling you try to invoke with your perks, call to action phrases etc. Then focus on these when you design your test introduction.

      3. Interview

      When interviewing, “Think aloud method” becomes very important. Ask your interviewee to speak aloud everything they are thinking. You want to hear how well they are able to explain what your campaign is about and how attractive they find your perks – and why. Be sure to take good notes of what people say. There is a great Google Developers video below about guerilla testing and explanation why 5 people is enough to get enough relevant data to improve your campaign. Five interviews 10 minutes each. If you can improve your crowdfunding campaign with just an hour of work, why not!

      The interview is also a great place to get feedback of your crowdfunding video. Watching unknown people reacting to it is the most valuable feedback you can get about your videos effectiveness.

      4. Analyze, Learn, Repeat

      After the first round you can summarize the interview results, analyze with your team and repeat if needed.