Location Scouting Tips

  • Location Scouting

    This article will help you when you are thinking about the location scouting for photo & video.

    Location Scouting Kit

    • Phone or tablet (or notebook)
    • Still camera
    • Video and audio recording gear
    • Compass / Compass app
    • Stopwatch
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  • Scouting Documents

    Download Free Location Scouting Templates and Location Release forms from our Film Production Documents page.

  • Location Scouting Checklist

    • Know your script – what do you need?
    • Scout at the right time – light & soundscape change
    • Is there direct sunlight and shades
    • Listen for noise sources
    • Production needs: parking, water, power…
    • Permissions – who manages?
  • Red Flags

    • Beaches: Wind, Salt, Sand, Sun
    • Parks/Nature: Accessibility
    • Cities: Noise, traffic, people
    • Large spaces: Low light, poor sound
    • Events: Poor sound, people
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