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  • Crowdfunding Checklist Template - Google Docs
    Checklist Template – Google Docs

  • Crowdfunding Checklist

    The checklist works also as a to-do list, divided into pre campaign, launch and post campaign sections. Feel free to add your industry/campaign specific tasks by adding more rows or removing the ones that don’t apply.

    Sheet Features

    • Task name and status
    • Assigning tasks to team members
    • Deadlines
    • Notes
    • Automatically calculating the total number of “Open tasks”
  • Crowdfunding Perks Planning Template
    Crowdfunding Perks Planning Template

  • Planning Perks

    Perk planning makes it easy to calculate the number of perks / prices required to achieve the goal.

    Sheet Features

    • Perk pricing and grand total
    • Perk copy calculator
    • Perk status (tested / not tested)
  • Crowdfunding Team Management Template
    Crowdfunding Team Management Template – Google Docs

  • Crowdfunding Team Management

    A document for managing team contact details, roles and weekly availability. Great for keeping your team on the right track.

    Sheet Features

    • Team contact details
    • Roles
    • Availability
  • Crowdfunding Publishing Plan - Google Docs
    Crowdfunding Publishing Plan – Google Docs

  • Campaign Publishing Plan

    Who needs to be contacted and when? Who manages the social media channels? How frequently and what type of content will you post? This document will help you plan your campaign communications.

    Sheet Features

    • Social media planning
    • Email planning
    • Responsibilities
    • Weekly focus

    Make a copy to your Google Drive to use all the features. The document will open in a new window. Don’t forget to tweet to us about your campaing – Happy crowdfunding!


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