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  • Using Google with Google’s Permission

    Obtaining Google’s permission to use their brand on screen is rather a complicated process, but it can be done. See the instruction HERE. If it’s very important to your story that Google really is Google, we recommend doing it by the book. Don’t leave it until last minute – Getting a permission can take up to two weeks. Also, don’t count on them saying YES. It’s up to Google whether they think you are “accurately representing” their product.

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  • Using Google without Google’s Permission

    We don’t recommend this, but we wish you luck. It seems Google doesn’t bother following up with every student film and Youtube clip featuring their product. If you’re portraying them in a positive or at least neutral light, maybe you’ll get away with it. But consider this: You are basically offering Google free product placement. Let’s say your video clip goes viral and gets 100 million views. Will Google pay you? No.

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  • Using a Fake Search Engine

    This is by far the safest option. No legal hassle, no problems with sponsorships, product placement, distribution or the chain of title. The big productions tend to take this route, featuring creatively titled search engines like Finder-Spyder, Net Rangler, ZapLook, Searchsies, Roundsearch… Most of these fake websites are developed by production companies, used offline and then abandoned. Some, like Search-Wise are still online but only include a static landing page – no option of browsing search results or clicking on links.

    Want the on-screen googling experience without Google? Here’s our solution…

  • Freaky time travel: Many modern productions still boldly feature web design of the early 1990s.

    Freaky time travel: Many modern productions still boldly feature web design of the early 1990s.

  • Querioo: The Fake Search Engine for Indie Filmmakers

    Querioo is a fake search engine that pays homage to but does not directly copy the one you know. There are no trademark or copyright issues. You can test how it works by scrolling up on this page. Use the right hand side menu to go full screen.

  • Get Your Own Search Engine!

    Do you need a fake search engine with customised logo, search results and links? You will soon be able to get your very own search engine running online for whatever you need it for: Film / TV, messing with colleagues, sending birth announcements… :) Bookmark this page. It’ll be here soon.

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