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    • Artwork Release
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    • Casting Sheet
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    • Crew Contact List
    • Cue Sheet
    • Filming Notice
    • Location Release
    • Location Scouting Sheet
    • Music Reference Sheet
    • Shot List – Advanced
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    • Sound Report
    • Storyboard Template
    • Talent Release
    • Video Script Template
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How To Avoid Chain of Title issues

and make sure that your film is ready for distribution…

  • (about film distribution)…“Who owns the rights”? or “What is the state of your chain of title?” If the filmmaker does not even know what the phrase chain of title means, or does not have a clean chain of title, the odds of closing that deal are quite severely limited…It is part of the independent filmmakers job to know about chain of title.

    John W. ConesEnterntainment Attorney
  • ..and make sure that you have good chain of title. Otherwise you may be in a situation, where you have a great film and all kinds of people want to distribute it – and if you don’t have the paperwork…


    Mark LitwakEntertainment attorney

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