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    The Best Cheat Sheets for Filmmakers

    Are you looking for a quick guide to script formatting or screenplay structure, digital video resolutions, Twitter image size, the Facebook blue… Filmsourcing’s collection of the best filmmaker’s cheat sheets is here to help!

    This is a list that will continue to grow over time. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

  • All Cheat Sheets at a Glance

    Screenwriting Cheat Sheets

    1. Script Formatting
    2. Rewriting Checklist
    3. Low Budget Writing Checklist
    4. Where to read screenplays (links)

    Camera Cheat Sheets

    1. Focal Length
    2. Canon L Lenses
    3. Shutter Speed
    4. Bokeh Simulator

    Filmmaking Lingo

    1. Glossary of Grip & Gaffer Terms
    2. Glossary of Lighting Terms

    Film Marketing Cheat Sheets

    1. Social Media Image Sizes
    2. Best Times to Post
    3. Social Media Color Codes
    4. Social Kit – photoshop plugin
    5. EPK Examples

Screenwriting Cheat Sheets

  • where to read screenplays?

    Where to Read Screenplays

    Reading screenplays is a great way to learn screenwriting. There are many online databases where you can download movie & TV scripts for free. You will have to bear some unsightly advertising, though. And it pays to check that you’re reading the original screenplay, not a transcript written by someone else.

    Simply Scripts Movie List

    Internet Movie Script Database

    2015 Oscar nominated screenplays

  • screenplay formatting

    Script Format Cheat Sheet

    Even when using a scriptwriting software, you need to remember a few formatting rules. Avoid guesswork by checking these screenplay format slides.

    Script Format

  • low budget script

    Low Budget Screenwriting Checklist

    Writing a low budget film? Check your screenplay against this list of elements that can potentially raise the production costs.

    Low Budget Script Checklist

  • rewriting a screenplay

    Rewriting Checklist

    The most important part of your screenwriting, THE REWRITING, is best done in manageable steps. Here’s a great list of things to focus on during each of those rewriting rounds.

    Screenplay Checklist

Camera Department Cheat Sheets

  • Depth Of Field Calculator / Simulator

    DOF simulator – Depth of Field Calculator

    Bokeh simulator & depth of field calculator. This is awesome!

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  • Focal Lenght Cheat Sheet

    Focal Length Cheat Sheet

    Knowing how much of your scene you can capture at each lens’ focal length is a conundrum every photographer has come up against. Cheat sheet by Digital Camera World

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  • shutter speed

    Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet

    Find the right shutter speed for every situation. By Digital Camera World.

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  • Canon L Series Frame Guide

    Canon L Lenses Guide

    The cheat sheet gives you an idea of how zoomed in each one of the different L series lenses is. Guide by Sarah Ainsworth.

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  • Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart

    Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart

    Tom Fletcher, author of the very informative and well regarded Camera Comparison Chart has published a new comprehensive reference, the 2016 Anamorphic Prime Lens Chart. Read here.

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Filmmaking Lingo Cheat Sheets

  • Grip lingo cheat sheet

    Glossary of Grip & Gaffer Terms

    Crews in different regions have their own set of terms, but this is pretty handy list by

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  • Lighting Lingo Cheat Sheet

    Glossary of Lighting Terms

    A glossary of lighting terms from Ross Lowell’s book, Matters of Light & Depth.

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Social Media Cheat Sheets

  • Social Media Image Share Sizes

    Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

    Whether you are looking for designing your social media profile or just want to get the correct image share sizes, facebook banner sizes, twitter cover photo sizes, this is the sheet for you. All in one Google Drive document. Provided by Sprout Social, which means that it is better to be the latest information…

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  • Best Times to Post on Social Media

    Best and Worst Times and Days to Post Social Media Updates

    Whether you’re planning out every frame or just outlining a few difficult scenes, a storyboard is your friend.

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  • Social Media Image Templates Photoshop Plugin

    Social Kit – social media photoshop plugin

    Cover images for social media, profile pictures and more in a free up-to-date Photoshop plugin.

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